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Bison Shelter System Pvt. Ltd is one of the most innovative protection planners for concrete construction in India. The organization has been a very versatile set up since its inception in tackling problems and providing appropriate solutions for various types of construction, both old and new.

TEAM BSS has been promoted by Bison Shelter System Pvt.Ltd, .a world standard company, and one of the pioneers in the construction and concrete protection industry, who have effectively adopted and introduced many innovative world standard systems, permanent protection methods and products of world leaders.

The need for a specially trained team of expert applicators adhering to manufacturer Specifications and catering to customer requirements throughout the country resulted in the formation of Team Bss, a fully trained group of individual agencies appointed after rigorous training and gaining sufficient experience with all individual products and their combinations. with the unique blend of such world renowned products, that really perform, specifications formulated through experience and after studying individual substrate/structure conditions, influence of the elements and of course, a team of trained, skilled and experienced applicators; Customers can look forward to have the best protection given for their buildings, enjoy the expert care and world class quality services of Team BSS.

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