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Bitumen Membranes

General Data

Nominal Roll length: 10 M
Nominal Roll Width : 1 M
Nominal Thickness : 3, 4, 5, MM


Bitumat polyflame is available in three basic finishes:

  • Black smooth finish with polyethylene surfaces for covered applications.
  • Granule surfacing for exposed applications.
  • Fine sanded upper surface for coated systems.

Quality Control

In addition to stringent regular tests by BITUMAT laboratory, our products are tested periodically by independent laboratories.


Bitumat polyflame complies with the performance requirements and tolerance leave of the listed standards. Some of which modified to better suit the various climatic conditions around the world.

  • American Society for testing and materials, ASTM-D-6222 Type II.
  • European Union of Technical agreement(UEAtc)MOAT 27-1983 & MOAT30-1984
  • Canadian General Standard board (CGSB 37-GP 56M-july 1980).
  • German Standard DIN 52133.

Modified Membrane

Bitumat membrane are superior, high performance, prefabricated, modified bitumen membrane consisting of proprietary waterproofing compound, re-inforced with spun bonded non-woven polyester mat.


Bitumat polyflame is a universal, all purpose membrane, excellent in a single layer or multi-layer roofing systems, underground waterproofing, multi-story car parks, pond lining, irrigation canals lining, swimming pools or any structure that requires high performance waterproofing.

Outstanding Features

  • Total impermeability for total waterproofing.
  • Excellent resistance to aging and weathering.
  • Outstanding bond ability and seam integrity.
  • Flexibility at low temperature.
  • Stability at high temperature.
  • High tensile strength and tear resistance.
  • Variety of finishes for exposed and covered Applications
  • Excellent for mechanical anchorage.
  • Isotropic properties.
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