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crystaline waterproofing


HYDROCAP is a unique blend of Portland cement, Silica quartz, and proprietary active chemicals. When mixed with water, HYDROCAP is applied as a cementitious slurry to the surface of the concrete. It may be applied above  or below grade. HYDROCAP migrates into the concrete and reacts with the hydration products of cement to form insoluble crystals. These crystals densify the cement paste by precipitating into the pores and capillaries of the concrete.


  1. In depth waterproofing ability
  2. Protects reinforcing steel from corrosion
  3. Efficient application process

The HYDROCAP AH Principle

HYDROCAP AH, manufactured by Anti Hydro International, INC, USA is a capillary water proofing formulation of proprietary blends of chemicals, quartz, sand and cement. The chemicals contained in HYDROCAP AH formulations (mainly organic and inorganic salts) require the presence of moisture for the chemical reaction to take place and in combination with “free lime”, the chemicals in HYDROCAP AH form long chained complexes which crystalise in the capillaries.

The crystalline growth or salt crystals are capable of penetrating deep into the capillaries of the concrete and are capable of bonding physically or chemically with large amounts of moisture. However, they do not seal the concrete or create a vapour barrier and the concrete is still able to breathe.

The crystallization process is continuous as long as moisture is present in the concrete and significantly reduces the concrete’s natural porosity and fills small voids and cracks caused by shrinkage.

The HYDROCAP AH process works with or against the head of water and thus makes water-proofing from the “dry surface” feasible. The HYDROCAP AH crystalline growth will penetrate deep into the concrete substate and will lie dormant if no moisture is present. If at a later date moisture reappears, the crystals reactivate to seal the cause of leakage.

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