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LIQUI-HARD Concrete densifier and hardening Compound is a ready to use, colourless liquid specifically designed to produce hardened, dust-proofed and improved chemically resistant surfaces wherever it is applied. Through a chemical reaction process, LIQUI-HARD penetrates progressively through the concrete and chemically solidifies all the component materials in to a homogenous concrete mass. Besides its densifying and hardening action, LIQUI-HARD eliminates dusting, rotting and pitting. LIQUI-HARD meets the maximum VOC content limits of 400 g/L for concrete protective coating as required by the U.S.EPA Architectural Coatings Rule.

The LIQUI-HARD process

Concrete becomes hard through a process known as hydration.Hydration is the chemical reaction between water and Portland cement.Hydration in concrete produces a comparatively soft,weak material called calcium hydroxide,which is commonly known as free lime.Calcium carbonate also occurs in concrete over time as a result of carbonation.LIQUI-HARD when used on a concrete surface,penetrates progressively through the concrete surface and converts the weak calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate compounds in the concrete to form beneficial calcium silicate hydrate(CSH),thus producing a hard,dense,and sealed surface through a process of crystalline growth.

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