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Micro silica is a highly reactive pozzolan. Micro silica is processed from a natural white silica deposit found in a select region in India. Like silica fume it is a very fine amorphous silica and falls into the micro silica family of products. When added with Portland cement micro silica facilitates high performance concrete by achieving:

  • Very low chloride ion diffusion
  • Increased compressive strength
  • Reduced water permeability
  • Improved sulphate resistance.
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Improved resistance to chemical attack
  • Improved stability in geothermal environments
  • Reduction in efflorescence

In applications requiring long serviceability in harsh environments or where structural performance beyond current limitations are pre- requistites, Microsilica should be specified by the engineer or used by the contractor to economically satisfy the performance requirements. However, it is a well recognized that international standards do not generally cover aggressive chemicals and marine exposure adequately and that standards lag behind state of the art design.

  • Micro silica for high strength concrete
  • Micro silica for commercial & industrial floors
  • Micro silica for Shotcrete
  • Micro silica chemical resistant concrete
  • Micro silica marine concrete

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