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Fibermesh with their unique engineering and performance provide cohesiveness and homogeneity to the mix drastically reducing segregation, unequal settlement and bleeding. Multi millions of Fibermesh fibers uniformly distributed in the mix cut down shrinkage cracks by up to 95% and reduces permeability by up to 79%, providing near watertight concrete and protects embedded steel. Fibermesh fibers toughen the concrete by enhancing ductility and energy absorption capacity and improve resistance to seismic forces significantly enhancing the safety and durability of the structure. Fibermesh reinforced concrete floors have impact resistance and abrasion resistance many times more than plain concrete, reducing wear and tear and maintenance problems. Fibermesh ensures better retention of water in the mix initially, reducing moisture loss, whereby improving overall hydration of the cement and enhancing durability. Fibermesh protects concrete from explosive spalling damage due to fire, a critical safety benefit for all structures.

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