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Polymer modified concrete
Under deck insulation
Blended Concrete
High performance concrete
Light Weight Concrete
Green Construction Systems
Ultra Durable Construction etc.

Preserving and Rehabilitating Heritage structures by adopting the most proven systems and combination of products of world leaders after detailed inspection of the structure, the materials used for the construction, the level of damaging etc.,with no distortion or change to the existing structure, and thereby preserving and restoring its original glory and grandeur.

Permanent waterproofing/Damp proofing- has been promoted by Bison Shelter System Pvt.Ltd, .a world standard company, and one of the pioneers in the construction and concrete protection industry, who have effectively adopted and introduced many innovative world standard systems, permanent protection methods and products of world leaders.

Permanent sealing of expansion joints Using the most durable and proven technologies available world wide. Incorporating the best silicon/polyurethane sealants, innovative and non-degradable”Flexi foam(PE/PU)” backfilling sheets/rods etc.

Capillary Seepage Arrestin all kinds of natural stone/brick masonry and concrete walls and floors using the latest silicone impregnation and coating methods and the unique method of “water proofing by crystallisation”

Thermal Insulation
Under deck insulation providing and insulating heat shield range of radiant heat barriers in the most economical manner for both old and new constructions.

Insulation treatment for Roofs- for total weather proofing, using the most innovative, light weight,BUFIC “poly-insul-crete” technology with know how form the principal company BSS PVT LTD.

Hygienic and protective, Durable surfacing with the latest and durable silicone and acrylic technology. Silicone concentrates as paint additives, silicone rubber coatings, acrylic elestomeric coatings, etc for all kinds of surfaces so as to provide excellent water repellence, enable breathing etc. tough performance (1time) flooring treatment using liqui hard

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